Since its reopening, Chaparral Golf Club has become one of the most attractive golf courses in Costa del Sol. This is due to the commitment and tenacity of Mr. Antonio Rubio and his family business to position Chaparral Golf Club as one of the preferred golf courses in the area.

Chaparral Golf course offers 18 holes surrounded by a Mediterranean pine forest. The course was designed by Pepe Gancedo, also known as the Picasso of golf, a man always able to see a future hole in a setting where no one else could. In Chaparral he respected the natural shape of the terrain and many of the holes are designed without any modifications on the landscape.

The protected natural area optimizes the typical beauty of the region where sea and mountain meet. The closeness to the sea gives the player panoramic sea views from several holes. The design follows the natural landscape offering a unique golf experience with a large variety of holes appreciated by players of all levels, being the only course on the coast with 6 par 5’s, 6 par 4’s and 6 par 3’s.

The success of Chaparral Golf Club has been guaranteed by the uniqueness of its environment, infrastructure, quality of service and good value. You can enjoy a unique setting from every hole.

We also have a practice field built in wood, with two floors and capacity for 32 players. There is a practice green of 1000m2 and bunker exits available.

Spectacular is the term that many use to define the Chaparral experience, in a field capable of hosting any type of competition at the highest level, amateur or professional.

“Know it, play and enjoy this unique paradise on the Costa del Sol”